U Shaped Kitchen Remodel Before and After (with Reasons)

Looking for references is the first step before remodeling or renovating a kitchen. For example, reviewing some examples of U shaped kitchen remodel before and after indeed becomes necessary.

By reviewing those references, you can choose a certain sample before applying it to your u-shaped kitchen. The purpose is to avoid disappointment and wrong decisions!

Later, you will also find some common reasons to remodel the kitchen. This way, you can determine whether the project is important or not for your house. First, let us take a look at a before and after picture below.

1. U-shaped Kitchen Remodel Before

U-shaped Kitchen Remodel Before

image source: washaremodeling.com

The picture above shows a minimalist u-shaped kitchen with numerous modern appliances. This old and outdated kitchen requires a refreshing touch, including knocking down walls to get a more spacious ambiance.

Creating an open floor plan becomes the main plan for this kitchen. Somehow, it also needs to tear out existing cabinetry. Other crucial updates should be made either, which may take both time and effort.

As mentioned earlier, the prime objective is to transform a closed-in and dark kitchen into a bright and spacious room. Moreover, that bottleneck should be removed as it affects the walking area’s flow.

If it is possible, the kitchen must sacrifice some walls to provide a more open flow. In that picture, the cabinets must have an upgrade due to their old and dark appearance.

The kitchen above has inadequate lighting that makes the kitchen look small and dark. Therefore, it becomes another task to be done later.

Another important task is to replace the old countertop. You can use a new one for a more modern look. Even though this may cost more money, you would have a better and more handsome kitchen!

2. U-shaped Kitchen Remodel After

U-shaped Kitchen Remodel After

image source: washaremodeling.com

The image above shows some upgrades made from the previous kitchen. You can see many differences, for sure. At a glance, the kitchen looks brighter and more spacious! Still, other improvements are available.

The floor plan has an update that gives a better flow. Not to mention it has a more steady connection to the rest.

The next upgrade is related to the sink, which was moved to the center above the window. This gives a better view and a more relaxing atmosphere to wash dishes. Moreover, it becomes another way to improve flow.

The next upgrade is related to cabinetry. You can see new built-in cabinetry in that picture. The purpose is to give more ample space for small appliances, cookware, and dishes.

The cabinetry comes in a white painted finish, which makes the room brighter. Moreover, the kitchen has new space more to place extra cabinets. The pantry closet was removed, though.

The purpose of removing the pantry closet is to open up the wall between the kitchen and family room!

Next, it is about the countertop that becomes more beautiful and durable. Thanks to the soapstone material. They also combine well with the flooring, which was refinished and sanded.

Another improvement is related to lighting. This important component of the kitchen features recessed lights, which make the room more welcoming and brighter.

The kitchen also comes with other lighting features! For instance, you may find some armed wall sconces above the sink and two big shaded pendants above the island. They give a more beautiful appearance!

What is next? To create a more refreshing nuance, the kitchen replace includes some new appliances like refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave.

The Reasons for Remodeling

Well, after reviewing the example of the u-shaped kitchen remodel above, many of you would start the project. However, you need to find the reason first.

There would be many reasons! For example, it gives better value to the owner of the kitchen. Once the project is done, the remodeled kitchen gives an extra boost to the house’s price.

Modernity becomes the next reason for remodeling. Outdated kitchens look boring and ugly, so you need to give a new touch to them. The idea is to replace old or damaged furniture with upgraded or new ones.

Some people want to remodel their u-shaped kitchen to save more energy either. This can be as simple as adding skylights that provide natural illumination more to the room. Moreover, you can reduce the use of artificial light.

To save more energy, in this case, you can apply water heaters and solar-energy-efficient appliances.

Remodeling the kitchen is also a matter of lifestyle. People simply want to adjust the room to their habits and hobbies. The renovation would suit the entire’s family needs either.

Another reason is to make a change. The current kitchen might be no longer appeal to you. Thus, it is wise to remodel it based on the before and after picture above.


A u-shaped kitchen is quite popular out there, especially among modern people. This design is suitable for those who have small space. Not only does it give more storerooms, but it also provides benchtops.

The problem is some u-shaped kitchens are outdated, cramped, and boring. To overcome these issues, you need to make improvements and remodeling. Can you do it alone?

There will not be problems once you review U shaped kitchen remodel before and after pictures above. You can either use the idea or take advantage of other reviews out there.


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