4 Neat and Stunning U Shaped Kitchen Designs Australia Ideas

People keep talking about U shaped kitchen designs Australiathese days. It is because they want to take advantage of this style to boost productivity and comfort in the kitchen.

The design is perfect for those who have a large kitchen space. However, it has some requirements, especially the presence of three adjacent walls.

Besides, most homeowners would include an island in the midst of it.

Due to the presence of a large space, this design suits various types of luxurious kitchen utensils and items. This style is also perfect for everyone regardless of where he lives! This includes Australia!

1. Sleek Modern Minimalist U-Shaped Kitchen

Sleek Modern Minimalist U-Shaped Kitchen

image source: home-designing.com

A minimalist design is popular these days. It is because people want to live in a clutter-free room and have a simple way of living. This design applies to a kitchen, as well.

As for the u-shaped kitchen, you can even use a small space. The countertops can be granite white and look sleek. This white hue gives a special effect to the room, which looks bigger and cleaner.

Next, it is the wall. To create a simple ambiance, you can use a soothing dark painting. For example, charcoal grey is quite recommended. This combines well with the beautiful white tops, too!

As the name suggests, the minimalist u-shaped kitchen design will not feature too many utensils or appliances. The purpose is to create easy access and avoid cooking hassles.

Even though this design does not include lots of kitchenware, you can feature some ornaments like book recipes, small vases, lamps, bottles, and many others. What about the utensils and tools? These can be either modern or classic!

2. Vintage White U-Shaped Kitchen with Nature View

Vintage White U-Shaped Kitchen with Nature View

image source: hgtv.com

People have a different perspective when they want to remodel their kitchen. Some of them apply a modern style, while others choose a classic or vintage design. The picture above is a good example.

The first thing to notice is a hardwood floor. It features a durable and high-quality material. Not to mention it emits a relaxing and old-style ambiance. As an addition, you can put a nice long rug on it!

The next feature is the white vintage cabinets and countertops. These look expensive and aesthetic! Have no worries. Even though they appear outdated, they can mix well with modern appliances.

What is more? Another important feature is the presence of an island between the cabinets and stoves. This can be either a place for eating or preparing food!

Another great extra for this vintage u-shaped kitchen is the lighting. The design of the roof lamps must suit the concept, though. It is also recommended to create a dim atmosphere for a romantic effect.

3. Full White U-Shaped Kitchen

Full White U-Shaped Kitchen

image source: www.idealhome.co.uk

What is the reason for choosing a full white u-shaped kitchen design? Most people want to get a bigger appearance with it. It is because white gives a unique illusion to the room.

The clean and white countertops look pretty! They are sleek and modern. To give a more contemporary look, you must use only high-end kitchenware and utensils. The color of silver tools looks shiny and beautiful!

The next impression is related to the floor. It looks flawless and clean, doesn’t it? Somehow, you can use other colors aside from white. These include creams and black color.

Still, the white floor always becomes the best choice to maximize the effect of this full plain white kitchen layout. Later, after installing the flooring, you can start considering the ornaments or extras.

In the picture, you can find dry plants and some fresh fruits on the countertops. These may spice up the kitchen and bring a refreshing nuance. The purpose is to avoid a boring and gloomy atmosphere!

4. Astonishing Black and White Kitchen Design

Astonishing Black and White Kitchen Design

image source: home-designing.com

A black and white concept is also recommended for this U-shaped kitchen design. This color combination has become everyone’s favorite since back then. Not only is it simple, but it also looks elegant!

As for the color location, you can combine it differently. In the picture above, the black cabinets and tops dominate the kitchen. However, the surface of countertops features a light brown wooden surface.

What about the white color? It dominates the wall and appliances. A modern white stove even becomes a center of attention there. Not to mention a clear white window provides soothing natural light to the room.

Some people may think that a black and white u-shaped kitchen is dull. Have no worries. You can spice it up with some decorations or ornaments. For instance, recipe books, vases, plants, and fruits are good choices.


Many modern homes have employed this design. Even though it would be an ideal choice for large kitchens, you can also apply it in small spaces! What you need to do is to choose the right arrangement.

The prime benefit is efficiency. The u-shaped layout gives you efficacy while cooking. It is because you can move all parts of the kitchen without hassles.

Overall, U shaped kitchen designs Australia is efficient, user-friendly, and good looking. You only need to choose one design that matches your kitchen the most. Those examples above are recommended!

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