10 Supremely Creative Toy Storage Ideas for Any Space

For you who have got children, you certainly deal with clutter of their playthings. It is seriously dangerous because you might step on the plastic truck. But do not worry, you can win this tough battle as long as there are homes for theirs. Here, we curated a brilliant toy storage ideas to help you get neat.

1. Tulle Nest

Tulle Nest


If your kids collect numerous stuffed animals, it is definitely the perfect storage solution. You are also able to make the most of your room with it. This cute and functional nest can be used to stash the other lightweight stuffs like plastic balls, dolls, and plush toys too. Wanna create it? We will show you the tutorial.

  • Prepare scissor, ribbons, rubber bands, 2 yards tulle, and 3M wire hooks.
  • Pinch each end of tulle and wrap rubber bands around the two sides.
  • Tie them with patterned ribbons and slip knotted ribbons over the wire hooks.
  • Trim off the extra tulle on one side using scissor.

2. Under the Bed Storages

Under the Bed Storages


Dream of living a mess-free life? You must choose under bed storages. They are suitable for small spaces. Moreover, they will give you two advantages. First, they really do not need a large area. The second benefit is to make your kids easier while accessing all sort of toys. Interested? Pay attention to our guidance below.

  • Buy a trundle bed or bed frame with drawers.
  • Another way is to purchase rectangular containers with lids.
  • When your kids wanna play them, just slide them out.

3. Baskets



Keep toys off the floor by storing them in wire baskets. They do not only contain many playthings but also look so chic. We think everyone will love baskets because they are easy to use, affordable, and simple. Before hanging them on the wall, take a look at these informations.

  • Get the baskets from a thrift store and paint them in a eye-catching shade.
  • Label them for a faster sorting process.
  • Hang them with the nails and be sure they are child-height baskets.
  • If your kids are gonna have playtime, they can take the toys down.

4. Cube Shelves

Cube Shelves


They might look too classic but they can work as a nice organizer for your children’s toys. These clever storages surely will keep the things off the ground.

Furthermore, you can place them in the living room. Their open design will enable your kids to reach the items. If you adore them, we have some clues for you.

  • Select the cube-style shelves which have the same color with your space scheme.
  • For infrequently used toys, put them on top of the
  • Since they come in a huge variety of sizes, buy them based on your personal need. The greater number of the toys, the larger shelve units should be.

5. The Smart Use of Cabinet

The Smart Use of Cabinet


Are you looking for a cabinet inspiration? This wooden floor cabinet is truly stylish for stashing any plaything. It helps you solve the unwanted storage issue in a quick way. But there are several things to take into considerations.

  • Buy a cabinet which can create a uniform look with your abode. As example, a wooden cabinet goes well with the wooden floor. On the other hand, metal and brass cabinets are stunning companions to industrial-style houses.
  • If you have more than one kid, it is better to opt for a cabinet in another color.
  • The cabinet just corrals the legos, blocks, story books, video games, and control cars.

6. Clear Vinyl Toy Sacks

Clear Vinyl Toy Sacks


These see-through toy organizers will tuck your messy home into the tidy one. In addition, you can exactly identify the toys in each of the bags. With the transparent sacks, your kids will not hesitate to clean up them too. They simply throw their pieces in the sacks. And they put playthings away.

  • To get the sackswhich suit the ginormous toys, stick to a swoop bag.
  • Customize the tiny and large sacks due to their various usages.
  • To encourage your kids in tidying up the toys, opt for striking sacks.

7. Mini Rack for Doll Clothes

Mini Rack for Doll Clothes


If your daughters like playing the gorgeous fashion dolls, they are obviously in need of a self-standing clothes rack. This storage lets them access the doll accessories, shoes, and dresses in one swoop. We guarantee their playtime is much more fascinating with it. Go for a DIY version by following our instructions.

  • Shop a dowel, medium-sized wood box, hammer, spray paint, wood glue, drill, 2 thin wood slats, and a few small nails.
  • Drill small holes of slats for the dowel.
  • Use glue and nails to attach wood slats to left and right sides of the box.
  • Attach the dowel to the slats with the glue.
  • Paint the rack in your favorite hue.

8. Glass Jars

Glass Jars


Do you want to keep the mess at a bay? Use glass jars to stash the toy kitchen set, pom-poms, stuffed animals, and ice cream sticks. Look at those containers, their golden caps draw up the eyes. If you appreciate them, do not forget to try them out.

  • Purchase a large mason jars in varying sizes will be helpful.
  • Give decorative labels on the jars.
  • To avoid the glass jars from shattering, place them in the safe area.

9. Rolling Wood Crate

Rolling Wood Crate


When the toys start piling up your home, you should tackle them immediately. Unless you expect the disorganization. We promise you would love this storage as it is extremely fancy and portable. So, why don’t you make it by yourself?

  • You must prepare wood crate, bright or bold-colored fabric, drill, 4 wheels, and some screws.
  • Use drill to create the holes on the bottom of crate.
  • Attach the fabric and wheels to the wooden crate.

10. Pegboard



Since storage is the best friend of your kid’s playroom, do not choose the wrong one. This pegboard is very useful to hold craft supplies and hang tiny containers of playthings. Is it worth admiring? Steal this ingenious idea from us.

  • Purchase the pegboard.
  • Lock in its hooks using glue and clips.
  • Create the hefty standoffs.
  • Finally, jazz it up with a frame.

In short, it is the right time to overcome loose toys. By adopting one of those innovative toy storage ideas, you can tame them in one swoop. Let’s say goodbye to the untidiness!


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