How to Choose Curtains for Living Room – Some Great Ideas to Use

Decorating a house may involve many aspects depending on the owner’s preferences. In terms of appearance, curtains are indeed important. Thus, you must learn how to choose curtains for living room first!

How to Choose Curtains for Living Room

Choosing the right curtains can be a nightmare for some people. It is because the color and material must suit the room the most. The simplest consideration perhaps is related to the matching or compatibility.

Each person has a different preference when it comes to choosing curtains. Thus, each of you would choose a different product on the market either. Other factors affect the decision, too. Here is the consideration.

1. Fabric and Hue

Fabric and Hue

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Fabric always becomes an important aspect when choosing curtains for your living room. The type of material determines or dictates the durability. The best quality fabric indeed would last longer than regular ones.

The choice of the fabric must be moderate. That means it must not be too heavy or too light. A heavy fabric will not fold beautifully when drawn. On the other hand, the light fabric does not fall well.

In the market, you can get the best materials for curtains. These include velvet, faux silk, and linen. They hang the best and have the best durability as compared to others.

In terms of durability, faux silk is the best. It does not deteriorate as quickly as others do, even in a sunny room!

If you look for a warmer fabric, velvet and suede are the best choices. They help keep heat in and block the light!

A significant factor affects the quality of fabrics, which is the sunlight. It may fade fabrics over time! Thus, if you install curtains in a living room that gets lots of light, you must avoid bright colors!

As for colors or hue, many experts suggest neutral colors. What is the reason? These can blend into various room décors and are less likely to fade than other hues.

2. Style Matters

Style Matters

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After considering the fabrics and hues, you should choose a style now. Many options are available, but you can start with solid curtains. This one is quite versatile and can suit different types of living room décor.

Printed curtains are the next favorite choice. This style is suitable for those who have an artistic sense. These curtains can turn windows into a design element alone! It has a similar function to a decorative rug, somehow.

Once you install printed curtains in the living room, they may change the entire space! Not to mention you can create bold statements by choosing a special pattern for them.

The next style is called curtain hardware. As the name suggests, it comes with clean industrial shapes and a polished shine. Many curtain rods come in various styles either.

3. Think about Functionality

Think about Function

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Many people often overlook functionality when choosing curtains for their living room. The key is to identify what you need or want from the living room. Is it for privacy? Is it for a better aesthetic value? You decide.

It is common sense that people buy living room curtains for privacy. They only need to close the drapes at night or other times to avoid disturbance or unsightly views out there.

Another common function is to give an improvement in terms of beauty. With the presence of tons of styles and fabrics, you can spice up the living room based on your needs. It can suit the décor of the room either.

What is more? Some people also choose some curtains that provide energy-saving benefits. Thanks to the development of technology. The latest curtains are energy-efficient, sound-absorption, and eco-friendly!

The next function is to create a special ambiance. Some curtain designs can even give a more romantic atmosphere to the living room. It depends on how you install and combine the colors.

Another function is weather-fit. You can choose a certain curtain that suits the current season or weather. In winter, for example, you need to install curtains that have better insulation!

4. Lining and Length

Lining and Length

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Before buying curtains, you must consider the size, as well. Length and lining are quite important! Thus, it is recommended to take out your tape measure first before buying the product in the market.

You should decide how high the curtains would be. It can be based on the size of the windows and frames. Here is an idea. A sense of height occurs once you hang panels higher than the window!

Common people often hang curtains about 7 inches above the frame of the window. If you want a more dramatic look, you should ho higher! Do not forget to appraise from the top of the window to the floor.


In a house, curtains play an important aspect. The prime function is to keep the light out or gives a shadier ambiance to the room. Another important role is to provide privacy, especially when the night comes.

Like others (interior decorations), curtains give an improvement in terms of aesthetics or beauty. The quality even gives a significant difference when it comes to the ambiance or atmosphere of the room.

With some ideas above, you can easily learn how to choose curtains for living room. Thus, there will not be more issues in choosing the right curtains regardless of your type of house.


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