A Guide with Simple Steps on How to Build Storage Shelves

A Guide with Simple Steps on How to Build Storage Shelves

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There are steps and ways on how to build storage shelves, and each builder has his way of getting his job done. However, here are some simple tips and steps you can use that are user-friendly.

You can follow them even though you are a novice.

Storage is essential for storing things whether in the house or the office. Bought-store storage shelves offer a fast solution when you are looking for storage shelves.

The question is that “Do you get what you want for storage shelves that fit just right?

The answer might be “NO.” Store-bought shelves often come in sizes that do not fit for some requirements such as the width, height, or depth.

They also might cost you quite a fortune while you are in need of big and affordable storage shelves.

You may have plenty of stuff that you want to put on the shelves. That is why having custom storage shelves is the right decision.

You can first have a look at the materials and weigh their quality and prices before making one.

How wide, tall or deep can also be adjusted to meet your needs, meaning you will likely get higher satisfaction for that. That is one of the many benefits of custom storage shelves.

That is the reason why many people prefer to DIY storage shelves themselves as they can have the perfect size and amount of storage that can hold all of the things in their houses.

Garage storage shelves would also have no exception.


How to Build Storage Shelves

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Working with advanced tools or equipment looks so much fun and interesting, as you do not have to force your energy out when cutting woods.

Nevertheless, even if you do not have those fancy tools you can still do it the old-fashioned way, though it may be a time-consuming work.

The difference would be on how much energy and time you will use for that matter. When working on a project such as building storage shelves, a partner would be a huge help to get the job done faster.

It will also much fun as you have someone to talk to during the job.

A good working environment also plays a vital role and it is necessary as builders need to work in a safe area in which it has sufficient lighting with a flat surface or floor.

A good-leveled floor will be a great support for working on the project as measuring, cutting or joining parts of the shelves will be much easier to do.

Imagine you are working on an unleveled floor with poor lighting and wet that is just a big NO!

Tips When Creating Storage Shelves

Before building storage shelves, wearing gloves and goggles to protect your hands from being driven from sharps objects and your eyes from the debris of woodcutting that flies around the workplace are highly recommended.

  • A measuring tape is important. Keep it in your pocket or within reach so that you can easily find it. It can be irritating when you are about to measure something but cannot find it anywhere.
  • Choose specific materials that you know well as they can make the job process done fast because some woods can easily crack when being screwed or nailed, which makes you have to use different methods that require some time to deal with.
  • Take a note on how many or how long of each part you should cut.
  • You can use a clamp to get a nice and clean cut if necessary.
  • Apply some glue
  • Use nails or screws with proper length and size
  • Check and make sure the work is fine
  • Sanding the surface to get a beautiful finish
  • Sand and paint it if needed

How to Build Storage Shelves

You can start by cutting the boards required to get every part ready.  After each piece of the parts needed has been cut, assemble and start crew with a screwdriver.

It will be easier when you start on creating ladders as the basic construction on which boards will be attached.

How many ladders needed on the project depends on how long or wide the shelves are. Begin to screw the supports and posts and be sure to use a try square to get a perfect 90-degree angle.

Some suggest applying some glue to get rigidity and stiffness before nailing or screwing the boards.

However, it is not an easy task to nail or screw on boards when the glue is still wet. Well, you can make a shallow mark with a nail or screw first.

After that, you can screw or nail them easily as there are marks left on the surfaces. Screw the posts with the supports on the back and front sides so that you can get strong ladders, which adds stability.

When the ladders are all ready, you need to screw a couple of boards across the ladders in a standing position.

Again, make sure to attach them in the right or equal position. Now, the ladders are good enough to stand on the floor.

Adding the rest part until finish will be a breeze as you can follow the next steps by screwing each board on the ladders while keeping the position straight or leveled.


After reading the article about how to build storage shelves, I hope you have a clear idea of how to start building your storage shelf ideas.

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