10 Best Doable DIY TV Stand Ideas

Old times always have TVs to stand on something, no other choice whatsoever. Meanwhile, the modern era offers two choices of displaying TV, stand or mount. However, some people still attached to how TV looked like on a stand. And it leads to how TV stands are still on high demand even in this age. Because of that, today’s article will present 10 DIY TV stand ideas.

Take a look at the list below.

1. Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand

Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand


Count on a wood pallet if you want to have a rustic TV stand. It gives an optimum result with an adjustable design. The picture sets a standard example for you. The requirements you have to prepare are some quality wood pallets, a saw to cut the woods, paints in rustic color selection, nails, screw, and other assembling equipment.

2. Pipeline and Wood TV Stand

Pipeline and Wood TV Stand


When pipelines are involved, then industrial style it is. Combine the metal pipelines with wooden pallet boards to get a sturdy TV stand. The boards function as shelves and let you arrange the other supporting electronics, such as the DVD player and game console. At the topmost of the shelves, a pair of joint pipes is nailed to the wall to secure the TV stand.

3. Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console

Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console


It seems like a lot of effort is needed to build this one TV stand. Well, actually it’s on the contrary. As long as you have an old and unused buffet, the rest will be a piece of cake. What you need other than an old buffet is a lot of shoe boxes to be the storages, thin sturdy metal to be the legs, paints, and assembling tools.

The building steps are as follows:

  • After getting rid of any doors the old buffet possibly has, paint the shoe boxes and the buffet in similar color.
  • Fit in the shoe boxes into the buffet. Give them a holder each.
  • Shape the thin metal to the length you desire. Make sure it’s proper enough to be a TV stand leg. Repeat the steps until you get four legs.
  • Connect the legs under the TV stand, each leg at each corner.

4. Apothecary Console

Apothecary Console


The supplies and tools you’ll need are the wood stain, wood shield satin varnish, lumbers, right angle clamps, orbital sander, circular saw, brad nailer, pocket hole system, and pine wood to be the console top and MDF for the base. To build the console, here are the steps:

  • Cut down the lumbers into pieces using circular saw.
  • Create holes by drilling the boards with pocket holes system.
  • Assemble the console one by one using clamps.
  • With wood filler, fill in all the pocket holes before sanding the whole surface.
  • Before attaching the top and base together, stain the top and white paint the base first.
  • Seal the entire console using wood shield satin varnish.

5. Floating TV Stand

Floating TV Stand


This kind of TV stand formation is called G-shaped TV stand since the layout resembles the alphabet G. As it could double to be storage for blanket and bed sheet, it looks the best to support your TV in the bedroom. The building process will take a lot of effort but the outcome will be worth the hardship. The whole steps are listed as follows:

  • Prepare the essentials which consist of pine boards, square tubes, corner pieces, metal spray paint, stain, drill gun, saw, and other assembling tools.
  • Set the design.
  • Build the backbone with square tubes.
  • Cut the wood and build the shelving.
  • Stain the wood parts and let them dry. This drying process will take one night to finish.
  • Put the backbone and the shelving together using assembling tools.

6. Farmhouse Media Cabinet

Farmhouse Media Cabinet


We must admit that a farmhouse style has its charm in adding elegance to its surrounding. The same charm applies to this specific TV stand. You could build one yourself. The idea is to have a design with two cabinets where each unit has double-door opening. Inside each cabinet, two-tier shelf is built.

The cabinet doors are made using wooden frames and glass windows. The cabinets could be used to store the supporting TV system or other things as seen in the picture. Wood stain does great in finishing the doors as well as white paint does to the other part.

7. Clean Minimalist TV Stand

Clean Minimalist TV Stand


To have a TV stand as clean as shown in the picture, you’re going to buy some Ikea products and hack them in a way that aren’t suggested by the store. Generally, you will need shelf from Ikea Lack, legs from Ikea Capita, MDF, staples, Acoustic Speaker Cloth, and cabinet magnets. The look it offers at the end is modern, clean, and minimalist.

8. Retro Revamp

Retro Revamp


An old dresser could come in handy for you, moreover to present you the look of retro. Because this project involves repurposing an old object, it won’t be a hard labor. You only need to get the sandpaper done and paint it in the different color from the original one. The drawers could be the place where you store remote control, DVD player, or others.

9. Industrial Style TV Stand

Industrial Style TV Stand


We told you previously that if pipelines are involved, then industrial style it is, right? However, between this and that TV stand, there’s one difference. The first one is a mix of industrial and other style because of the finish used for the wood material. Meanwhile this one is pure industrial because of the raw look offered by the wood parts.

If we look closer, this TV stand only uses a pair of legs, which means the back part of the TV stand must be secure to the wall. Without any finishing, you have to be extra thorough in sanding the wood board.

10. Concrete Chic

Concrete Chic


It looks like there will be no other job done but stacking the materials in this TV stand DIY. Cinder blocks and plywood are the only requirements you need. What’s next? Arrange them according to your liking and then you’re done. The standard example is seen in the picture. How easy!


You could have a nice TV stand and made one by yourself. That is what this DIY TV stand ideas tries to imply. However, each idea has its pros and cons. Consider them carefully and you will be very pleased with the outcome.


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