10 Wonderful DIY Pebbles Art Ideas for Gift and Unique Decoration

How to make a wonderful decoration, but affordable and easy to apply? You can use learn it from these DIY pebbles art ideas. The pebbles can be found anywhere and you can modify it with cheap materials and tools.

The DIY pebbles art ideas are also a good thing to boost the creativity. Therefore, if you have children and you want stimulate their creativity, you can teach them to make these pebbles art. Although you are still an amateur, you can follow the steps on these DIY pebble art ideas easily.

1. A Family Recreation

A Family Recreation


If you are a family person and want to add a sentimental touch to your house, you can add this DIY pebble art in your living room. It is easy to make and doesn’t require any paint. You just have to collect the pebbles and follow these steps:

  • Prepare a wood frame.
  • Stick the pebbles until they form the trees’ leaves.
  • Add the twigs as the trees’ stem.
  • Stick some pebbles in the frame until they form some family members sit together watching for the beautiful trees.

2. When The Winter Comes

When The Winter Comes


Winter is always a good thing. Maybe because the snows make all the things look white and innocent. Or maybe because there are many special events in winter, like the Christmas. As a Christmas gift or as a decoration, you can also use this pebble art idea and try this steps:

  • Find some pebbles in triangle shapes, round shapes, and some of them in square shapes.
  • The triangle pebbles are used for the roof. The square ones are for the house and door. While the round ones are for the window.
  • Add tiny pebbles for the snow effect. Paint them in a white color.
  • Add some twigs to impersonate trees.

3. The Dancing Queens

The Dancing Queens


Another unique DIY pebble art idea is this dancing queen concept. A woman blows the trumpet while others dancing. Above them, a sun shines brightly. Such a lovely pebble art to be put on the living room. To create this art you can:

  • Prepare some pebbles in different colors and size.
  • Use the tiny pebbles for small parts such as hands, foot, hairs, and sunshine.
  • Use the bigger ones for larger parts such as the head, body, and the center of the sun.
  • Stick them all with the glue on a black background made from fabric or cardboard.

4. The Monster Rocks Paint Art

The Monster Pebbles


Having no time to stick all the pebbles, or just lazy to play with the glue? Try this DIY pebble art. The idea is to paint on the pebble. You don’t have to stick them to the frame. And you still can get the funny monster pebbles collection by these simple steps:

  • Prepare some medium sized pebbles.
  • Paint the pebbles with various colors and draw a mouth.
  • Coat the pebbles with the varnish and last but not least add a googly eye for each monster.

5. Valentine Pebble Art

Valentine Pebble Art


This is one of DIY pebble art ideas that can be the greatest present for your beloved one on Valentine. Pebbles formed a romantic art and even though it looks special, it can be done in a minutes. What you should do:

  • Prepare twigs and pebbles in different sizes.
  • Make a tree and two persons who hug each other with oval pebbles.
  • Stick them all to the white background.
  • You can add the love message if you want.

6. Playing The Balloons, Stones Art

Playing The Balloons


The pebbles can be formed into anything, including the balloons. Yes, you can try to make the concept of some children playing balloons and give this DIY pebble art idea as a present for someone’s birthday. You can make this pebble art idea with this easy steps:

  • Form the pebbles into many shapes. Not only to form balloons but also each person holding it.
  • Paint one of the pebbles with an eye-catching paint like red.
  • You can create the balloons thread by using a pen or pencil.

7. Getting Older Day by Day

Getting Older Day by Day


Remind yourself or your beloved ones that time flies and someday we will be old by using this pebble art idea. You actually just need some oval pebbles in the different size to make it. Of course, you must add a twig for the old woman.

  • Use the thin pebbles to create hands and legs.
  • Use the bigger ones to create the body and heads.
  • Add a twig for the old woman pebbles to ‘help’ her walking.

8. The Flower

The Flower


In case you really don’t have enough time to make the art from pebbles, then this idea is a solution for you. Look at the pebble art. It is so beautiful, cute but also minimalist. You don’t even need to form the pebbles into a various shape.

  • Use the bigger pebbles as the pots. You can paint them with eye-catchy colors.
  • Draw the flower stem with the pen.
  • Use the tiny pebbles as the flowers.

9. Playing Golf, Pebbles Art

Playing Golf


What can you do with some tiny pebbles? Not only use those as the base in the aquarium, you can also use it as the minimalist pebble art. For example, this golf DIY pebbles art than can be made on a short amount of time. You just have to:

  • Stack the pebble to form a human who plays the golf.
  • Use a small pebble to create a golf ball.
  • Use a thread to create the golf stick and flagpole.
  • Use the white pebble to make a flag. Attach them on a paper and put it on a frame.

10. M&M Rocks Paint Art

M&M Pebble Arts


Lack of talent? Then you may try this DIY pebble art idea. The M&M rock paint with pebble art idea is so cute that you want to swallow it. It looks so sweet like the real candy, right? And here are the easy steps to make it:

  • Collect some flat and wide pebbles. Make sure each pebbles have the similar size.
  • Paint them in different eye-catchy colors like you can find on the M&M snack.
  • Draw each pebbles just like the M&M candy.

Now, those ideas were so cute and easy to make, right? These DIY pebbles art ideas can be the alternative to decorate your room or as a unique gift.

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