10 Best DIY Hat Rack Ideas Using Everyday Necessities

Hat racks are considered important, whether to store your collection or hold the ones you just use. But instead of buying them online, don’t you want to make ones yourself? It could be a fun project to do and absolutely a lot cheaper. Well, you are about to read 10 best DIY hat rack ideas. No hardships guaranteed in the making process.

The ideas will focus only on how to organize your hats using everyday necessities and without high budget on the go. This benefits you who practice simplicity and thrift. Now, without further ado, here are the ideas of hat racks that you can do at home.

1. Lego-Themed Hat Rack

Lego-Themed Hat Rack


It is no doubt that your children will like this idea. Yet again, who won’t? You will like it even more since it only needs a complete Lego set which already owned by the kids, several hooks, and assembling tools. Need not to spend any more unwanted expenses. Besides, this DIY hat rack could be a fun project to the on the weekend.

The idea also helps you in educating your little ones to neatly organize their things start from hats. If the instructional media is this enticing, your kids will be so motivated to follow the rule. No matter how we look at it, this Lego-themed hat rack only brings benefits.

2. Hat Rack with Clothes Pin

Hat Rack with Clothes Pin


In accordance with its name, this rack idea uses clothes pins to keep your hats. You see, hats come in so many styles and shapes, beanies and baseball cap for instance. So it’s nearly impossible to have one rack that fits all kinds of hats. But this kind of hat rack makes it interestingly possible.

With its hanging system that utilizes clothes pin, now you could hang all of your collection without getting any of them wrinkled. You will need a rod, some lengthy rope, and clothes pins.

Here are the steps:

  • Hang the rod on the wall.
  • Knot some ropes onto the rod. Up to this step, the hat rack is done. However, you still need to
  • Clip several pins for each rope at considerate distance. Now, all you have to do is attach the hats as seen in the picture and you’re set.

3. Animal Design Hat Hooks

Animal Design Hat Hooks


This is another hat rack idea for your children. But it’s time to get some prints involved. The things you require are a wood board, paint, animals’ template – you only need the back parts of them, pattern tape, hooks, and hanging tools. The steps are as follows.

  • Measure the wood board to fit the length you desire and paint it in your kids’ favorite color.
  • Print out the animals’ template and stick them onto the board.
  • Paint the hooks so that they’re suitable to be the animals’ tails.
  • Lastly, mount the fixed board on the wall using the hanging tools.

4. Hat Rack Wall Mount

Hat Rack Wall Mount


Among the hat rack ideas so far, this might be the simplest since it doesn’t has complicated design. The making process is easy too. Some board of wood with certain thickness, hooks, and the hanging equipment are the only things you require.

With these minimum requirements, everybody knows how to assemble it even without guidance, right? Have it mounted on the wall above the door to make it within your reach and thus eases you.

5. Tree Branches Hat Rack

Tree Branches Hat Rack


As this hat rack idea is very simple, we bet you could have one in no time. It doesn’t even need any hook. You only have to find some strong tree branches, paint them according to your color preference, have them mounted on the wall, and those would be all. It’s so easy, don’t you think? Besides hats, you could also hang some scarves there, too.

6. Dinosaur Hat Rack

Dinosaur Hat Rack


Excuse us! Another idea of hat rack for your children is coming through! We got more toys involved, this time. It is said dinosaurs indeed, but you could replace them with another toy figures preferred by your kids however you see fit.

The requirements for this project are a set of dinosaurs, poplar strips, a saw, spray paint, a band-saw, a drill, and a wood screw. You need the band saw to cut the dinosaurs into two. And please choose a bright paint color to attract your kids.

7. Ruler Wooden Hat Rack

Ruler Wooden Hat Rack


If you want to have a hat rack with rustic feel, then you could implement this idea. Making one of this is not difficult. On the other hand, it’s rather easy as the requirements you’re going to use could be found effortlessly. Unused rulers, glue, hooks, and hanging equipments are all you need to prepare. You could find some old rulers at flea market.

8. Door Knob Hat Rack

Door Knob Hat Rack


This idea is unique and creative. You get to organize your travelling attires using some door knobs. Travelling attires mean not only just hats but you could hang bags and keys as well. Keys and door knobs match well. Have this rack mounted near the entrance so that you could grab everything needed in one go.

9. Paddle Hat Rack

Paddle Hat Rack


This paddle hat rack would be a perfect item to support coastal living, nautical concept, or marine theme. The requirements to make this hat rack type are white paint, hooks, hanging equipment, and of course a paddle. Since it doesn’t need a lot of tools and the design is simple as well, everybody could make one instantly.

10. Twig Hat Rack Hanging Idea

Twig Hat Rack Hanging Idea


Okay, the materials used here might not be your everyday necessity but still, you could easily find them anywhere and they’re nearly cost-free. The outcome they present would be one of a kind, too. You only require some planks to be the frame and any glue, glue gun is preferable, to secure the twigs safely inside the frame.

To sum this up, hat racks are important items to have at home because they could help you organizing not only hats, but also coats, scarves, keys, ties, and other travelling attires. And this DIY hat rack ideas article just tells you that you could have one or two without spending a lot of money. Now, what are you waiting for? Prepare the tools and have fun making ones!


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