10 DIY DVD Storage Ideas That Might Steal Your Heart Away

A collection of DVDs at home can be a source of entertainment on rainy days (and when your wifi does not work). Before you let your DVD library pile up and clutter, find a proper place to store all of them. With some of the DIY DVD Storage ideas, you can get an inspiration.

Some of these DIY DVD Storage ideas might already be familiar to you, while others are simply out of the box or something new. Do check them out before you decide to have at least one of your own.

1. An Ottoman For Your DIY DVD Storage

 An Ottoman For Your DIY DVD Storage

Source: https://marthastewart.com/

An ottoman does not only function as a seat or an extra coffee table. If it is big enough, you can even have a DIY DVD Storage under it. To begin with, you should:

  • Create a couple of holes on either side of the box of the ottoman. Make sure that each hole is big enough to store your collection.
  • You can have smaller boxes and put them into the holes. These boxes are also to store your DVDs by category. For example, one is for movies while another is for online games.

2. The Alphabetical Order Filing

The Alphabetical Order Filing - DIY DVD Storage Ideas

Source: https://hative.com/

Whatever the DVD box is, it is the filing system that matters. Besides storing them by category, you can also do that from A to Z. Creating the partition between alphabetical orders is pretty simple:

  • Use some extra, recycled papers and stickers.
  • Cut the papers in a suitable size and write letters on the stickers.
  • Stick the letters on the papers and the partitions are ready to be used. Slip each into the beginning of each letter category.

Of course, if you have a huge collection of DVDs, ordering them this way might take a while.

3. Crates on The Wall Where You Store Them All

Crates on The Wall Where You Store Them All

Source: http://nextluxury.com/

Do you have a vacant wall space that is not too big and not too small? You do not have to leave it empty. You can use that spot to store your DVDs.

This DIY DVD Storage idea uses some recycled products. In this case, the secondhand wooden crates are the best. With a little bit of measuring, cutting, and nailing to the wall, you have a set of authentic-looking DVD Storage. Now, all your collection is safely kept.

4. The Matching, Stylish Boxes

The Matching, Stylish Boxes - DIY DVD Storage Ideas

Source: https://marthastewart.com/

Okay, so you are only looking for these boxes to store your DVD collection. Still, why can’t they be stylish too? Besides, they are also very nice to look at. You will not even have a hard time finding them since they are all of the same colour.

To make it easy, you can rely on cookies and chocolate stores, where they usually have matching boxes. After you finish the containers, keep the boxes. Use them all for your DVDs instead.

5. The Old Shutter For Your DVD Collection

The Old Shutter For Your DVD Collection

Source: https://hative.com/

Shutters are not just perfect for doors and window panes. Believe it or not, you can also use them to store your DVD collection.

This idea may come up when you have your house renovated. Instead of leaving the old shutters unused and probably burned, why not put them to another good use? The shutters are automatically like book shelves.

For avid movie buffs, this DVD storage is not only for their DVDs. If they want to leave at least one or two shelves for movie magazines, then why not? You can re-create something from recycled products in any way you like.

6. The Built-In DVD Shelves

 The Built-In DVD Shelves

Source: http://nextluxury.com/

Yes, we are still using secondhand crates and wooden planks as materials. If you have a much bigger space on the wall, why not go horizontal instead of vertical with these built-in shelves for DVDs?

Since there is still enough space, going horizontally also means the possibility of storing more DVDs. If the highest shelf feels too tall for you or other family members at home, use a ladder.

Other suggestions related to this arrangement are:

  • You can also do this for your books.
  • If you have minors (children under 18) and you have adult movies, place them on the highest shelf of the whole batch. That way, they are out of the children’s reach. Hmm, you might also want to hide the ladder, just in case.

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7. The DIY DVD Storage on Wheels

 The DIY DVD Storage on Wheels

Source: https://marthastewart.com/

Feeling too lazy going away from your living room where the TV is? Drag the DVD storage with you. Although the basket here looks classic, the four wheels under it give a nice and functional addition.

You can also use this to drag around your family DVD collection to your kids’ bedroom when they are sick. Let them choose a funny, age-appropriate cartoon to make themselves feel better.

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8. The Simple, DVD Storage Box or Single Shelf (Depending On How You See It).

The Simple, DVD Storage Box or Single Shelf (Depending On How You See It)

Source: https://hative.com/

Aside from the existing, unique DVD storage, you would probably still prefer something simple. This simple wooden box is huge enough to store as many DVDs as possible.

Since some of your collection might come in one big bundle of series, you can put them in at the back row of this box or shelf. The smaller ones can have the first row, which makes it easier for you to choose and reach.

9. The Built-In Book…Err, DVD Closet

The Built-In Book...Err, DVD Closet

Source: http://nextluxury.com/

If researchers have a whole closet of books, then musicians have it for their music DVDs. This also applies to movie-goers. A massive DVD collection definitely needs this built-in closet. Its glass-windowed doors will keep them safe as well as helping you to choose by a quick once-over.

Where do we usually put closets like this? A hobby room is a place to be.

10. The Industrial-Chic Storage Unit

The Industrial-Chic Storage Unit

Source: https://marthastewart.com/

For the artistic type, a regular DVD storage is not enough. This industrial-chic look will make a beautiful addition to your hobby room. Not only DVDs, you can also store other things like:

  • CDs.
  • Books.
  • Magazines.
  • Blankets and pillows.

Why limit the function when you can be more efficient with many? After all, that is what a hobby room is for.

These 10 DIY DVD Storage ideas are equally amazing and fantastic. Still, the final choice is in your hand. Which idea that has stolen your heart and made you fall in love?


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