5 Budget-friendly Tips to Do before Decorating a Nursery for a Girl

Decorating a nursery for a girl does not always cost a fortune. There are many options to design a girl’s nursery room on a low budget. Use your creativity to create an amazing yet cheap room.

To get any inspiration, follow these smart tricks to decorate a nursery without breaking the bank.

1. Think About Long-Term Furniture

Purchasing long-term furniture is one of the key strategies to save money. Double-duty nurseries pieces will last beyond years as well as they grow with your girl.

It means that you do not need to buy new furniture when your baby turns into a toddler.

Future-proofing the nursery is vital since your girl will not be a baby forever. Do not focus on selecting any items that relate to a baby’s nursery.

Avoid choosing funny furnishings with babyish patterns since those will probably be rejected by your growing-up child.

Your little girl might adore furniture with cute patterns, but it cannot guarantee that she will love it forever.

For example, a simple classic dresser is better than the one with funny cartoon characters. Your girl will love this timeless-style dresser for years to come.

2. Omit Some Brand-New Pieces

Omit some brand-new pieces

image source: hearstapps.com

Lots of furniture and other nursery necessities to buy will spend more money. Buy secondhand pieces is more affordable since all nursery needs do not always come in brand-new.

You can find some like-new furniture in garage sales and thrift stores. Secondhand items offer good conditions at friendly prices.

Importantly, those things will function as well as the new ones. Opting pieces like rocking chair, changing table and glider is possibly bought in good qualities.

However, some essential things like breast pumps, car seats, infant formula, newborn crib, and baby toys should not be purchased secondhand.

Besides, if you want to buy pre-loved major nursery items, pay attention to these guidelines as consideration:

  • Decide what secondhand furniture to spend.
  • Consider important key features of used things.
  • Make sure the items function well.
  • Check pre-loved furniture for damage that might put your baby at risk.
  • Never reuse a secondhand mattress that contains harmful bacteria.

3. Utilize Wall Decals

Utilize wall decals

image source: ihaveavision.org

When you are on a budget, creating murals for girl’s nursery seems too expensive. If you cannot hire a professional artist, you can find wall decals that fit your nursery’s theme.

Wall decals enable you to set the tone for a nursery’s room. They also help to evoke the desired ambiance.

Wall decals expend less effort to apply. Just peel and stick them and you will obtain an artistic look on your wall surfaces. Fortunately, they are safe for the wall and paint.

You can easily remove the wallpapers while going to replace them with another new themed wall decal.

Wall decal ideas that match any girl’s nursery are flowers, plants, trees, birds, and other animals. Those nature-based themes usually become the most favorite ones for girls.

Unicorn wall stickers and other cute cartoon characters can enhance a girly atmosphere to the nursery.

4. Maximize What You Have

Maximize what you have

image source: hgtv.com

Look at any decor and furniture that you already have. If you have a dresser and chair, they will be useful for the girl’s nursery.

Update the old dresser with a fresh painting coat and new knobs. This renew furniture will create an eclectic vibe to space.

Since applying artworks and wall hangings seems to be expensive, getting personal pieces is the best choice.

To hang family photos is more preferable for a loving touch. Collect your frame photos to make a wall gallery in the nursery.

Moreover, do it yourself as possible as you can. Make a name sign to personalize your girl’s space.

DIY name sign can be created by directly painting your girl’s name on the wall. Besides, using vinyl-lettering decals is quite affordable to design the nursery.

5. Convert a Spare Room into an Amazing Girl Nursery

Convert a spare room into an amazing girl nursery

image source: dreamer-house.com

Start to convert your spare room into a girl’s space. Nursery makeover is one simple way to decorate a girl’s room on a budget.

Register the appropriate things are also challenging. Simply use small things around the house to give a big impact.

Here is how to convert a spare room into a pretty and practical nursery for a girl. The main expenses are painting, buying major furniture, creating a nursing nook, and adding shelves and storage.

Firstly, determine what should be included in a nursery like colors and themes. Plenty of color schemes for girls are available instead of pink.

Next, only purchase the most essential furniture like a crib and dresser. Then, place a comfortable chair in the recessed area as your nursing nook.

After that, adding storage space is vital to keep towels, blankets, toys, books, and many more.

Open shelves, cubbies, and baskets allow easy access to storage. Finally, an impressive nursery can be achieved by doing a simple makeover to the spare room.


Do you not have a superstar budget? Never mind. Learn about those smart tips above to start decorating a nursery for a girl. The more you get ideas, the more money will be saved. Spend your money wisely!

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